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Why choose Techfix Malaysia to Upgrade your iMac

Apple’s iMac “all-in-one for all” device which became highly popular due to its snappy performance, fast processing speed, durability and sleek design and brilliant graphics. It is designed to support your RAM heavy applications without breaking a sweat. It is highly preferred by professionals for Graphic design, image processing, video production, music production. It is also popular among professionals in the Tech world.

With time your iMac might slow down or maybe the  basic configuration is not enough for the programs you will be using. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new iMac. You can upgrade your device’s  performance by increasing the RAM and upgrading the storage type to SSD. This will give your iMac a new life which is tailored according to your needs at a much lesser cost than a new iMac. 

It is recommended to upgrade both Memory and Storage. RAM  Whereas upgrading your storage to SSD will enable the device to have more speed and durability. Application will load quicker, starting up is snappy, and the overall result will increase the iMacs performance while running in full capacity.

Generally Most iMacs can upgrade RAM from default/ base level to 16 GB to a maximum of 128GB RAM. Although Apple has guidelines for the maximum amount of RAM each iMac model supports but experts suggest otherwise. 

For storage upgrade to SSD unfortunately the 2020 models can not be upgraded. However, iMacs Models upto Late 2009 can be upgraded to a maximum of 2TB SSD and iMac Models  from Mid 2010 – Late 2019  can be upgraded to a maximum of 4 TB. 

Apple iMac Upgrades

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Apple iMac Diagnostic Assessment
Techfix Malaysia Offers An Extensive Apple iMac Upgrade Service Along With A Free Diagnostic Assessment.

Apple iMac SSD – HDD – RAM Upgrades
Is your iMac running slowly? Do you need more storage? Our SSD & RAM upgrades will turn your slow iMac into an ultra-fast powerhouse!

Apple iMac Hard Drive Upgrades – up to 8TB 7200 RPM, 4TB SSD
Storage – If you need more space and want ultra-fast boot times, program loading, this is the upgrade for you. Put simply, upgrading to an SSD (Solid State Drive) will increase your iMacs’ speed – dramatically!

iMac Memory Upgrade – up to 64GB RAM
Memory – RAM (Random Access Memory) is in fact, your Macs’ temporary memory. It holds information pertaining to active processes open on your Mac. If you have loads of apps running at once (no matter how resource hungry) upgrading RAM delivers an instant performance boost.

Apple iMac OS X Installation
From original OS X, El Capitan 10.11 through to 
Sierra 10.12

iMac Upgrade Malaysia

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Service Overview

How We Work
Once one of our team of Apple qualified engineers has diagnosed your iMac, we will supply you with a detailed quotation. Once we get your go ahead we will carry out the works. In most cases, depending on the type of upgrade, we can carry out the work whilst you wait.

Competitive Pricing
Being an independent retailer allows us to offer extremely competitive prices, saving you around 50% in cost. You need not worry about quality, we only ever install authorised original components.

Free Advice
Contact our friendly team for free, no obligation and completely transparent advice. With a combined team experience of well over 50 years, there is rarely a question we can’t advise you on.

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