Cloud Services for Small Business and Nonprofits in Malaysia

Increase your productivity and boost employee collaboration with Techfix’s
Azure Cloud Services, Microsoft 365 and Windows 365.

Utilizing Cloud Services will help if you…

Spend too much on IT maintenance

Maintaining your IT infrastructure or purchasing business-grade devices upfront can quickly become costly.

Need business scalability

Using Cloud services lets you easily accommodate business growth or temporary spikes in service usage.

Worry about your business' security

Cloud services have built-in enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions that keep your data safe.

Want more flexibility

Working from home, collaborating with co-workers or switching work devices is easy when you're in the Cloud.

Utilize Cloud Computing in your business with the help of your local IT Cloud experts

Using a Azure Cloud Services managed by Techfix means that you can access your company files, applications, phone system, and more securely over the Internet – anywhere, any time.

Cloud computing consists of a large pool of connected devices, providing dynamic infrastructure for storage and cloud computing services. Businesses of all sizes – especially small businesses – quickly adopt it, realizing the potential for cost-efficiency and greater flexibility.

Using technology that fits your small business to a T makes you stand out and give you more time to focus on crucial responsibilities.

The Techfix’s are certified Microsoft 365 administrators who will help your small business or nonprofit make the most out of the Office suite.

Cloud Services Benefits for Small Business and Nonprofits

Increase your employee's productivity and collaboration

Protect your business data with increased security

Save costs on infrastructure upgrades or setup

Get access to the best AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) technology

Get comprehensive training and onoing support

Easy setup, deployment, and management of Cloud PCs (Windows 365)

Simplify operations with useful business tools

Only pay for the amount of service you use

Get high service availability and reliability

Enjoy flexibility based on evolving business needs

Access your apps and files from any device, anywhere

Fast and personalized Microsoft 365 Setup and Maintenance


Think of Azure Virtual Desktop as a computer with all its hardware, files and apps at a highly secure and dependable data center instead of in front of you.

Instead of using a powerful computer, you can use any device to access your desktop – smartphone, tablet, or home computer (commonly reffered to as the ‘thin client’) as long as it has an internet connection.

Desktop virtualization works similarly to DropBox, OneDrive or iCloud. Your files will not reside on your computer’s physical hard drive, where they can get accidentally deleted or destroyed. Instead, you can upload your files to one of these Cloud providers. You will have access to your pictures, documents and applications from any device, and you don’t have to worry about a single point of failure. The same logic applies to Virtualized desktops.


  • Files are stored locally in the computer or office server/NAS
  • Apps are run locally on the computer
  • Need 3rd party app or VPN to access desktop remotely
  • Prone to malware and viruses
  • Can be slow and unresponsive
  • Costly hardware
  • Apps and files are stored and run in the Cloud
  • Access from anywhere on any device
  • Malware and antivirus protection included
  • Faster and more responsive
  • No need for expensive hardware



We include a built-in backup in your basic plan. Accidentally deleted a file or ran an update that causes issues? Rolling back to the previous system or getting your files back takes just minutes. 

The Techfix’s will protect your data using security best practices and advanced security features.


You don’t need to worry about closing all applications and files before leaving work. Pick up where you left off, and all your files and applications will be open where you need it.

Simplify remote work by accessing your important files from any device, including your phone, tablet or laptop.


Instead of purchasing business-grade computers for all employees, you can get much cheaper alternatives or establish a BYOD policy when you utilize Azure Virtual Desktop.

Since the Virtual Desktop doesn’t use any of your physical hardware, the user experience is comparable to a high-end computer – without the price tag.


Suppose an employee gets a promotion, or a new person joins your team. You need to set up their computer with all necessary software, remove the previous users’ data, and perform general maintenance. 

With a virtual desktop and Microsoft Azure, the whole setup takes a few clicks and saves administrative costs.


Your data will be easily accessible to you but kept safe for anyone else.

Using Azure Security Center, the Techfix’s will constantly manage vulnerabilities and assess your compliance. We will set up 2-factor authentication, conditional access, enable end-point protection and disconnection policies, manage audit logs, and much more.


A temporary desktop is a virtual computer that resets to its default settings after the user session is finished.

This is practical for schools or other apprenticeship-type institutions and dramatically decreases the administrative overhead, personal data, and employee workload.



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Frequently Asked Cloud Services questions

Harnessing Cloud Services helps reach efficiency and cost-efficiency that hasn’t been achievable to small businesses in the past.

Azure Cloud Services, Windows 365 and Microsoft 365 allow employees to access their files and applications securely from anywhere and from any device without technical overhead and data safety concerns.

Since you only pay for what you use, it has proven to be affordable for even the smallest of businesses, making collaboration between employees and clients more streamlined while securing your data.

Many nonprofits rely on problematic on-premise servers or legacy technology that hold their institutional records from past years or even decades. Putting a band-aid on recurring issues while dealing with disruptions take resources away from furthering your mission.

Using Cloud Services and utilizing Microsoft 365 simplifies required documentation management and reduces administrative overhead.

Lastly, keeping your donors’ or members’ data secure and complying with nonprofit audits can become much more streamlined with the help of Cloud Services.

Techfix works with Microsoft to set up Azure Cloud services, which can, in many cases, even help cut costs and provide more reliability and flexibility than ever before. Fill out the form on this page to get a customized estimate along with suggestions to advance your nonprofit organization.

Yes, you can use Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 on a Mac. However, you will end up with what looks like a Windows operating system inside of your Mac computer, not virtualized MacOS. Imagine opening an ordinary app on your Mac – the app will just be Windows 10.

You can either download the desktop application or conveniently access the Virtual Desktop interface from your browser and get access to all Windows apps. You can also sync all files on your Mac computer to your Azure Virtual Desktop, or keep them separate – you are in control.

Yes, you can use both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 without a PC. To access all your apps and data, all you need is an internet connection and a browser. You can easily use AVD on a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS), and the interface will auto-adjust based on your screen size for a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Azure Virtual Desktop interface looks and feel almost identical to the local Windows 10 operating system you’re familiar with. You have access to the same functionality, applications, files, icons, and settings as on your physical computer. 

Utilizing Azure Virtual Desktop doesn’t have a steep learning curve for end-users and feels intuitive from the get-go.

No, you need a stable internet connection to use Azure Virtual Desktop. Since your files and applications won’t live on your local device, you need to the connection to access them over the internet.

Yes, you can! There is no special limitations for the number of screens you use when working with Azure Virtual Desktop.

One of the main differences between a virtual and remote desktop is storage. With a remote desktop, all data is stored in the local device that you can then access remotely. With a virtual desktop, your data and apps are stored in the Cloud, accessible from any device and not prone to hardware failure.

To access your remote desktop, your computer needs to be turned on, while you can connect to a virtual desktop even if it’s turned off, which offers more reliability. Both sysytems require an internet connection.

Virtual desktops also offer more security as your data is stored centrally. If your device is stolen or hacked, data loss is not a significant issue.

Yes, you can deploy Windows 7 on your Azure Virtual Machine, and the virtualized version will be the only available Windows 7 that is safe to use after it’s End of Life Support. Azure Virtual Desktops running Windows 7 will keep receiving extended security patches, which you wouldn’t get on a local machine.

Microsoft 365 convenient suite includes the following Cloud-based business apps:

  • Outlook for email and calendar
  • Excel for data analysis
  • Word for word/document processing
  • PowerPoint for presentations
  • OneNote for note taking
  • Teams for web meetings and collaboration
  • OneDrive for file sharing and storage
  • SharePoint for team-based file sharing and collaboration
  • Microsoft Defender for protection against hidden threats
  • InTune for advanced device management and data protection
  • Bookings for making online appointments
  • PowerAutomate to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks

The Techfix’s help you set up your Microsoft 365 business suite, train your employees and leverage the built-in advanced security and intelligent Cloud services so you could focus on your work.



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