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Macbook Pro Repair Malaysia

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Macbook Pro Repair Services in Malaysia

  • Screen Crack Replacement
  • Water / Liquid Damage
  • MotherBoard Repair
  • Cannot Power On
  • Cannot Charge
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Bloated
  • Battery Drain Very Fast
  • iSight Camera
  • Processor / Cooling Fan Replacement
  • USB Port Faulty
  • Forget (Mac) Password
  • Data Recovery
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Charging Port
  • Audio Port (3.5mm Jack)
  • No AirPort Card Installed
  • Weak Wifi network
  • Case “Cosmetic” Replacement
  • TouchPad Replacement
  • Solid State Drive Capacity Upgrade
  • Ram / Memory Upgrade


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Macbook Pro Repair Malaysia
RM399.00 wws Mr.Techfix / Pre-sale Questions Need Help? Contact Us via WhatsApp
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