Reasons why you should upgrade to SSD’s

Conclusion according to our test :

Recently we tried SSD on a clients old laptop the performance was surprising considering the laptop was almost 6 years old.

Open Google Chrome
Hard disk : 4.2 Seconds
SSD : 1.6 Seconds
Result : 2.6 X faster

Computer startup time :

HDD: 49 Seconds
SSD: 18 Seconds
Result: 2.5 X faster

Noticeable changes that we have found after switching to SSD

  1. Faster multitasking
  2. Faster loading time for any kind of application
  3. Responsive applications and google chrome is much responsive
  4. Explorer takes much less time to load.
  5. I can play 720p videos smoothly.


The first thing to expect is speed. You will find noticeable improvements in the speed right when the computer is turned on. SSD will give a huge boost on system loading time,Websites will load significantly faster not only that games will also benefit from the faster disk read/write, not to mention copying from one disk to another is super fast.


SSD helps to load data much faster in the memory which also makes RAM work faster so processing cycle happens much quicker.


  1. Longer battery Life

Since there are no moving parts SSD uses less electrical power than the conventional hard drives meaning increased battery life and less charging time.


  1. Less Noise

Since they don’t spin like conventional hard drives they don’t produce sounds and they don’t generate as much heat as conventional hard drives.


  1. More durable

Modern SSD’s are more durable and crash much lesser than the Hard drives. Most of the time hard disk fail due to faulty read/write head – while they spin they also cause damage to the disks. Since SSDs don’t have moving parts they get damaged less often.



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