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You are most likely a busy business owner, trying to keep in touch with all your leads and keep your clients happy. Many clients’ documents and info are scattered, so it takes a long time to find relevant info and keep it organized. It’s just difficult to  hit the mark every time.

You might still be using post-its and Excel sheets to keep track of your invoices and contracts – we know it can get really messy. Don’t have relevant stats on current clients, and your marketing is lacking? Something needs to change for you to grow your business.

Whether you’re a contractor, a manufacturing business, or have a nonprofit, our SuiteCRM Support can handle task management, marketing, and automate your business processes.
Here’s how we help you improve your business: 

How our SuiteCRM Consultant can help

Centralized data

All your clients' info is securely stored in a central location, so your employees are all up-to-date

Business automation

SuiteCRM allows you to automate business processes, such as setting up appointments, emailing clients about invoices or quotes, and allows you to focus on more meaningful work

Easier communication

Harness the power of your customized SuiteCRM to stay in touch with your leads and build long-lasting and fruitful realtionships

Better targeting

SuiteCRM allows you to segment leads or clients so you can hone down on their needs, and only offer them products or services they are interested in

Convenient reminders

Using a Customer Relationship Management tool makes it easy to keep track of all your appointments and meetings -- without the need to use several pieces of software

Rich features

Get assistance in sales, marketing, sales pipeline, lead generation or customer service

High customizability

Our SuiteCRM Consultant helps customize your SuiteCRM with all the modules you need to make your day-to-day life easier

Workflow automation

Automations include checking in clients, sending (marketing) emails, reaching out periodically, and more - without losing the personal touch

Made for small businesses

Designed for small business, SuiteCRM includes all the modules you might need to make your business or nonprofit more efficient



A small computer repair shop in Malaysia. It is vital for the shop to form a relationship with each potential client, keep track of each repair and provide fast diagnosis info. The shop also needs to keep a history of each repair in case a client returns.


For the client-side, we started with a basic intake form that generates a service order number, prints a signable PDF, and sends the client an email confirmation with the next steps.
The business-side includes a module that captures the client’s information, the device type, and the problem description. To start, the technician is assigned a task to diagnose the issue.


We broke the repair process down to 22 easily trackable steps, added eBay integration, automatically sent estimates, and added the option to approve the quote online.

The integrations allow the technician to spend minimal time on ordering parts or working with payments, and they can instead focus on the promised fast and free diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is put in the system, the client receives a call and an automated email with their options.

We also integrated a payment system for online invoice payments and a system for email follow-ups, asking for feedback 3 days after each pick-up.


Business took off as clients loved the speed, personalization, and efficiency.

Because of “Sugar” (SuiteCRM’s module) and our dependable service, Techfix became the most reputable computer repair shop in the Chicagoland area, completing more than 35,000 service orders.


In 2013, PRO decided to turn towards business IT, and separate repairs as an isolated business – Malaysia Computer Repair.

Techfix started to install and maintain servers, configure networks, and migrate small businesses to the Cloud – back when Office 365 was just created.


The same year, we realized we need systems to monitor, manage, and support small business IT infrastructures and deliver reliable remote or on-site support.

We started researching the market for an all-inclusive solution that would help Techfix grow in the new direction. The available solutions were too costly for a small business and didn’t have the needed functionality. To top it off, no one cared about integrating our little “Sugar” module that helped us get here. So we did it ourselves.


Fast-forward to today; Techfix has grown from a little corner repair shop to the place where hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits get their technology challenges resolved fast and reliably. The computer repair section is highly popular among Malaysians and boasts a high client return rate.

We deliver exceptional quality services because the core of our business is efficient, automated, and streamlined — and so can yours.

Our clients have asked us, “How do you do it?” —

The answer lies in SuiteCRM Support. It has optimized and grown our business, and we have proved this by helping other small businesses do the same.


The Calendly integration automatically creates a lead in SuiteCRM using the information in the appointment form (first and last name, date, time, etc.).

Having a comprehensive overview of your leads is a game-changer.

The QuickBooks Web Connector allows you to create two-way synchronization between SuiteCRM and QuickBooks software.

This includes accounts, vendors, line items, invoices, payments, purchase orders, and more. Use the time for something more valuable.

Add a “Pay Online” button to any quote or invoice PDF-template with Chase and set up a landing page to process credit card payments securely and quickly.

Taking payments and tracking them has never been this easy.

Generate and print UPS shipping labels with just a click from any module of your SuiteCRM and add the tracking number to any useful module in the CRM.

This simplifies the process of tracking items and ensuring nothing gets lost in transit.

Add a Google Maps detail view of any account in SuiteCRM and measure the distance in miles or kilometers from a predefined address.

This integration allows to automatically calculate if an address is out of your zone and simplifies keeping track of addresses.

Add a start/stop button to the detail view in the project or task module and allow employees to add time entries to an existing workspace in Toggl.

Time tracking gives you an excellent overview of where time is spent and what could be improved.

Search the up-to-date eBay database directly from your SuiteCRM, review the price, location, and seller feedback, then import products into SuiteCRM to be used in quotes and invoices.

Automation is the key to more time and efficiency in the workplace.

Looking for a different integration? If it’s on the Internet and you need it, we can make it happen.

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