Small Business Web Design and Development in Malaysia

Create a website that is eye-catching, modern and makes you stand out from the competition.




Web Design for Malaysia Small Businesses and Nonprofits

A good website is not just about the design. A fitting and beautiful design helps get the point across, but content is what makes it really work.

At Techfix, we are dedicated to making your small business look and sound approachable and unique. We don’t offer to create content for you, since that rarely works out – no business should settle for template-content. You know your business inside and out, so we will help you tailor website content with expert guidelines, questions, and tips.

We then bring everything together with a customized WordPress design that complements the useful content and makes your business look trustworthy and modern.

Centralized data

All your clients' info is securely stored in a central location, so your employees are all up-to-date

Business automation

SuiteCRM allows you to automate business processes, such as setting up appointments, emailing clients about invoices or quotes, and allows you to focus on more meaningful work

Easier communication

Harness the power of your customized SuiteCRM to stay in touch with your leads and build long-lasting and fruitful realtionships

Better targeting

SuiteCRM allows you to segment leads or clients so you can hone down on their needs, and only offer them products or services they are interested in

Convenient reminders

Using a Customer Relationship Management tool makes it easy to keep track of all your appointments and meetings -- without the need to use several pieces of software

Content matters – especially for small business

Whether your business has it’s own niche or if you’re competing with big-box stores, having clear and logically structured text on your page makes the world of a difference. We will help you create substance that speaks to your target audience, addresses their worries, and offers a solution.

Techfix experts use the Story Brand framework to frame content to build up your site – making sure all writing is clear, simple, and straight to the point. Remember — when you confuse, you lose!

Full Website Package

Technical SEO

On-page SEO

Free SSL certificate

Stock imagery

Website structuring

Content guidelines and polishing

Unique template-free design

Sitemap setup

Unlimited design revisions

Google Analytics/Search Console setup

Special functionality (upon request)



Looking for something more complex than a presentation website? Are you looking to start selling products, subscriptions or looking for a customizable web solution?

The Techfix team has 20 years of experience in PHP programming (including working with Joomla, Symfony, Laravel, and more), integrating and customizing CRM solutions, and helping your vision come to life.

We are experienced in WordPress web development, web application development and Linux server administration.

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Nonprofit and Small Business Website Price in Malaysia

Custom WordPress website design starting price

The starting price for a custom-made small business website starts at $5,000. The following specifics increase the price:

Number of pages

Most small businesses need at least 4-6 pages (Home, Contact, About, Services/Products). A larger website will require more work with both content and design.

Special functionality

Do you want to sell your product or service online? Accept online payments? Letting visitors make appointments online?

Special design requests

We will put together a plan on how to present your business and brand the best. If you have any specific design requests, the final price might be higher depending on the complexity of your needs.

Technical aspects

Do you have a domain purchased? Do you have a website hosting provider or are you looking to host with us? Are you looking to set up professional emails to go with the website?


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