What is the right amount of RAM for 2021 ?


Let us make things clear first , there is no such thing as RAM for 2016. It’s what we have on 2016 – 1080p , 4k , Virtual reality , multitasking, Near real imaging graphics , Gaming 2D, 3D. We have a lot going on. More things yet to come but these really  are game changers.

We can’t imagine a day with a normal 2d game, soothing animations,multitasking transitions and all those small things that makes our experience smoother. Looks simple but there’s a lot going on so that you can  enjoy near real, hyper responsive and crystal clear graphics, all while you sit back and relax.

Super fast multitasking ,page loading and all other small things that makes a super fast happiness experience bundle depends on a faster RAM. If you are one of those person who wants to be more productive , get things done and feel less frustrated. If you have mild task and do  multitasking then it’s definitely time to upgrade your RAM. We recommend at least 8GB of RAM to work which will be pretty good to perform tasks smoothly. Professional users might not agree here but 8 GB should do fine for daily tasks.

Improve Computer Speed

With so many fantastic programs and features available on your computer today, it’s very easy for it to get weighed down with general clutter over time. That’s when we can help! We can provide a wide range of options to speed up your sluggish computer, from providing extra hardware to upgrade your computer for extra speed, to removing unnecessary files that may be grinding your processing power to a halt. Why not phone our office today for a free phone assessment of your problem, to work out the best course of action to get your PC back in shape!


The stated amount is only the service fee, if there is a change of hardware this fee will be waived.

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