Why Choose Techfix Malaysia for your Apple Watch Repair

Techfix is a trusted Apple Watch repair service in Malaysia. Are you looking for a high quality Apple Watch repair?

Techfix is a brand you can trust with all your Apple Watch repair needs. Thanks to our experienced team of professionals and access to some of the most advanced tools on the market, we can make sure that your apple watches are fixed in no time at all.

Apple Watch Repair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do you guys use genuine parts?

All parts used by Techfix Malaysia are genuine and it comes with warranty.

Are you guys authorised Apple Technicians?

To be honest, we would say no! But we have evidence that  our customers are very happy with our service and they recommend it to their friends.

Techfix Apple Watch Service Overview

Apple have released many different models of its flagship smartphone over the years. We do out best to cover all the devices currently available, which includes:

  • Series 1
    Apple Watch Series 1 38mm
    Apple Watch Series 1 42mm
  • Series 2
    Apple Watch Series 2 38mm
    Apple Watch Series 2 42mm
  • Series 3
    Apple Watch Series 3 38mm
    Apple Watch Series 3 42mm
  • Series 4
    Apple Watch Series 4 40mm
    Apple Watch Series 4 44mm
  • Series 5
    Apple Watch Series 5 40mm
    Apple Watch Series 5 44mm
  • Series 6
    Apple Watch Series 6 (40 mm)
    Apple Watch Series 6 (44 mm)
  • Series SE
    Apple Watch Series SE (44 mm)
    Apple Watch Series SE (40 mm)

Apple Watch Issues Techfix Repairs

  • Screen cracked repair
  • Battery replacement
  • LCD screen replacement
  • Speaker /microphone issues
  • GPS/ WiFi issue
  • Camera Replacement
  • Water damage
  • Does not charge
  • Motherboard issue
  • Does not turn on
  • Housing Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade

Apple Watch dropped into the water?

No problem we repair Apple Watch after water-damage.

Apple Watch battery change

We can change the battery of your Apple Watch in 60 minutes with a warranty of 1 year.

Hardware problem?

We directly repair the logicboards, bringing back to life even products considered vintage.

Apple Watch glass repair

We are using nly original Apple Watch glass and LCDs with Warranty.

Apple Watch does not charge anymore? Doesn’t turn on?

In our laboratory we are able to fix any smartphone and computer at every level.

  1. Contact Us For a Quote

    Contact us and share details on your device and we will contact you with an estimated repair cost.

  2. Send Us Your Device / Request for Pickup

    We now offer pickup and delivery services. If you wish to personally drop your unit you can make an appointment here.

  3. Final Diagnosis & Repair

    Once we receive your device we will do a final diagnosis to confirm the amount quoted. Once you approve the quote, we will start repairing your device.

  4. Make Payment & Get your unit Delivered Back to you

    A payment link will be sent to you once your device is repaired and we will arrange for a delivery of your unit at your preferred day and time.

How can we help you

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