Do you have broken keys or unresponsive keys (one or more keys on the keyboard do not respond) on your Apple MacBook Pro? Or is your Mac notebook keyboard intermittently not responding or is your laptop keyboard damaged by a liquid spill? The Mac Response Centre is committed to providing every client in London and throughout the UK with the best possible MacBook keyboard replacement service for all Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models, consistently.

    Common Issues resolved by this service

  • No Power

  • No green light on charger (having already tested another charger)

  • Liquid damage

  • Burnt LVDS connector

  • No display on internal screen

  • No Audio

  • Not charging battery (having already tested another battery and charger)
  • 2010 15″ MacBook Pro with no video – this is a bad frame buffer capacitor (not GPU)
  • iMacs with damaged / pulled off connectors such as the common screen cable

9 out of 10 boards are repairable – So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This is done on a no fix, no fee basis – only shipping charges apply unless the repair is successful.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement





  • Do you guys use genuine parts?

    All parts used by Techfix Malaysia are genuine and it comes with warranty.

  • Are you guys authorised Apple Technicians?

    To be honest, we would say no! But we have evidence that  our customers are very happy with our service and they recommend it to their friends.


Our specialist Apple Mac technicians can take care of almost all common keyboard issues such as sticky laptop keyboard / keys are sticky, some of the keys are missing, the keyboard isn’t working at all, keyboard and trackpad are not responding or unresponsive, damage to the keys due to rough use, liquid spills (spilled water or any other liquid onto the keyboard), keys popping off of the keyboard and broken keyboard keys.

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