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Managed IT Services in Malaysia

For many small businesses, supporting their technical needs in-house can be a real struggle — and having a full-time technical employee may not be affordable or reasonable.

Techfix’s flexible Managed IT Support gives you access to experienced IT specialists who will help you make most out of today’s technology and help your employees stay productive.

Concerned about unexpected or confusing IT bills? None of those with our predictable, low-cost IT support plans which cover all aspects of your business.

Techfix has worked with hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits since 2003. We work hard to proactively monitor and protect your devices, secure your data and provide efficient IT support for all your employees — on your budget.

Affordable & predictable IT budget

Outsourcing IT ensures you're not paying for unnecessary services while still receiving fast and expert help

Fast response time = increased productivity

No more waiting around to get your IT issues fixed. We start working on your issue immediately and allow you to continue your work

Accurate and secured documentation

We keep all your network-related information in a secure vault, so all the changes are stored in one central place and can be easily accessed by authorized users.

Security risk mitigation

We protect your business data from disasters, hackers, viruses, data loss, theft, and much more.

Plan for business growth

The Techfix's put together a plan for IT growth that will help launch your business forward with the help of technology.



We will maintain, update and monitor your Cloud Services (including Azure Virtual Desktops, and Azure Cloud setup and maintenance) to ensure the highest performance and high uptimes. Our Cloud certified specialists can also help implement or design a cloud infrastructure that works for your business.


Personal, but outsourced IT help desk allows you to reap the benefits of an in-house IT support tech without the need to hire a full-time employee.
Our team of certified and skilled IT professionals offer fast and knowledgeable help with any technical issue your employees might have.


Whether your machines get infected with ransomware, your business suffers an outage or hardware breaks down; PRO’s dedicated specialists will protect your data either in the cloud or in an on-premise server depending on your needs and security requirements.


Techfix consultants help fill gaps in your tech knowledge, update and modernize your aging IT infrastructure, and help put together a plan to offer maximized productivity and cost-efficiency specifically for your small business or nonprofit organization. Our experienced IT consultants will work on your large IT project or advise you whenever you need help.


Our skilled and certified VoIP engineers will set up a modern phone system, provide ongoing support and training. Using the right VoIP system for your business size and type allows you to automate your client workflow and look more professional while reducing costs.


We understand the urgency of solving critical IT problems quickly, so our technicians are available for dispatch in the Malaysia area. You can find more info on our Onsite IT Support page. If you’re looking for remote IT support, the Techfix technicians can simply log into your computer and fix any issues online.

We help protect your small business from criminals and accidents. Here’s how our certified IT experts start protecting you:

Identify risk priorities

Conduct penetration testing to detect security flaws

Remediate security threats with improved network configuration and modification

Train employees on phishing and social engineering

Provide ongoing threat monitoring and analysis

Help with project management and consulting

Act on imediate threats to neutralize any danger

Provide a compliance audit, if needed

Design and maintain a disaster recovery solution

Implement cloud-based security features

Proactively protect your devices

Provide fast and efficient IT Support



Schedule a free security and IT systems assessment conducted by certified & skilled IT experts


We create a customized plan for your Malaysia business or nonprofit based on your priorities, budget and needs


Techfix’s IT experts start optimizing and streamlining your IT processes and ensure your business is protected

Frequently Asked Managed IT Support questions

Managed IT Services allow businesses to outsource their IT tasks and issues to a dedicated IT Support company on a subscription- or on-demand basis.

Depending on the business’ needs, the Managed IT Service provider can either supplement existing IT Support teams or take ownership of all the business’ technical needs.

Techfix customizes each Managed Support package precisely for your business’ or nonprofits needs. For example, your estimate might change based on:

  • If you’re looking for on-demand or ongoing (mohtly/yearly) services
  • How many devices/computers you need to proactively support
  • If you need server or Cloud services support
  • If you need VoIP phone system support
  • If you need advanced threat protection for your data
  • If you require onsite IT support, and more

We offer a free estimate after analyzing your business and proposing a fitting solution. To get started, please fill out the form on this page and a Techfix will reach out.

Managed IT Support services are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations that don’t have the budget for a dedicated in-house IT team, but who are either looking to grow or are outgrowing their current IT team/technician.

Managed IT Support works as an extension of your company:

  • All employees use just one phone number and email for any IT issue
  • We keep all network infrastructure info and change logs in a secure vault to always stay on top of your tech
  • We keep you up-to-date with the latest (but only relevant) technology that would benefit your business
  • We make your employees feel comfortable reaching out when they are stuck on a technical issue
  • We protect your data and devices from failures, hacks and other dangers
  • Outsourcing IT is a much more budget-friendly option compared to an in-house team

Absolutely. Techfix understands the fiscal responsibility that nonprofits have to upkeep while ensuring your donors’ and members’ data is secure. Technology that works like a well-oiled machine helps you reach more people and  move your mission forward.

Techfix works with many nonprofits in Malaysia to help them harness their technology, and we offer packages customized for the needs and budgets of nonprofit organizations.

Yes!  Our flat rate proactive maintenance packages help eliminate suddeN issues that bring all work to a halt. Instead, we work to ensure your network and IT infrastructure is in top shape and work reliably at all times. You don’t have to worry about unexpected costs or surprise bills – just pay a flat rate for as many computers you wish to support.

Read more about our IT Support packages.

We provide Managed IT Support in Malaysia and the general Malaysia area.

We also have clients in several states across the United States who we support remotely, so distance is no issue.

We tailor each Managed IT package to your needs and refrain from using a support ‘template’. YoU get the full freedom to pick which services will work best for your business – together with our expert advice, we will make sure your nonprofit or business will be elevated.

We offer Cloud Services for Small Business in Malaysia, including setting up and managing Office365, Azure Virtual Desktops and Azure Cloud setup and maintenance. Please fill out the form on this page to get your quote!

We offer expert 3CX VoIP consultation, support and setup services by PRO’s certified 3CX engineers and can include it in your customized support package.

We can discuss the specific pricing for your small business VoIP system setup or support after gathering some details.

We would be delighted to help out a small business or nonprofit! Just give us a call at +60173555725  and a friendly & skilled Techfix will give you some tips on your issue, give you practical IT advice or a second opinion.

If you’re looking to discuss your whole IT infrastructure and possible changes – no strings attached – please schedule a free web meeting with Techfix.



Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!
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