Microsoft Surface SSD Upgrade

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Microsoft Surface SSD Upgrade

Which Microsoft Surface Model SSD Can Be Upgraded?

Most Microsoft Surface devices do not have user-upgradable SSDs (Solid State Drives), as they are often soldered directly onto the motherboard. However, there are a few models that DO ALLOW for SSD upgrades, such as:

  • Surface Pro 3 
  • Surface Pro 4 
  • Surface Pro 8
  • Surface Pro 9
  • Surface Laptop 3 (Yes Upgradable – M.2 2230 SSD)
  • Surface Laptop 4 (Yes Upgradable – M.2 2230 SSD)
  • Surface Book 1 
  • Surface Book 2 
  • Surface Book 3 
  • Surface Studio 1 
  • Surface Studio 2

Non Upgradable Microsoft Surface Model

  • Surface Pro 5 (Non User Upgradable)
  • Surface Pro 6 (Non User Upgradable)
  • Surface Pro 7 (Non User Upgradable)
  • Surface Laptop 1 (Non User Upgradable)
  • Surface Laptop 2 (Non User Upgradable)

Upgrading the SSD (Solid State Drive) in your Microsoft Surface device can greatly enhance performance and increase storage capacity. However, it’s important to understand that upgrading the SSD is not a straightforward process and requires substantial technical expertise.

Techfix Malaysia, renowned for being the first Microsoft Surface Repair Center in Malaysia, offers exceptional service in this area. With a decade of experience in the market, they specialize in handling Microsoft Surface devices, including the Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop.

To upgrade your Microsoft Surface device’s SSD at Techfix Malaysia, the process is as follows:

1. **Contact Techfix Malaysia**: Reach out to their customer support team for a detailed quote on the SSD upgrade service. They will provide you with the costs and estimated time required for the upgrade.

2. **Send Your Device**: Once you agree to the quote, you can send your Microsoft Surface device to Techfix Malaysia’s repair center. Their technicians will then conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the device is suitable for the upgrade.

3. **SSD Upgrade Process**: The duration of the SSD upgrade varies, typically ranging from 4 to 5 hours to 2 working days. This depends on your specific Microsoft Surface model, the queue ahead of you, and whether you need data cloning or transfer to the new SSD. During this time, the skilled technicians will replace the existing SSD with a new one and make sure it integrates seamlessly with your device.

4. **Quality Assurance**: Post-upgrade, Techfix Malaysia conducts extensive testing to guarantee that everything is working correctly.

It’s important to note that the SSD upgrade for Microsoft Surface devices is complex. Techfix Malaysia’s expertise in this area ensures a reliable and efficient process, mitigating the risks of damaging the device, which is a common issue when attempting self-upgrades.

In summary, Techfix Malaysia stands out as a premier choice for Microsoft Surface SSD upgrades in Malaysia, offering a decade of specialized experience, skilled technicians, and a commitment to quality service. Contact them today to enhance your Microsoft Surface device’s performance and storage capabilities.

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