Server Setup, Maintenance and Support in Malaysia

Need experienced technicians to maintain or set up your company’s central server? The Techfix's will take care of it.

Server Setup, Maintenance and Support for Malaysia Small Business and Nonprofits

You probably have good reason to not want to be in the Cloud. Some businesses prefer to keep their data at-hand and securely tucked away, but still need to collaborate with colleagues and share files quickly.

Not being in control of your time when using inefficient methods of file sharing and collaboration can be detrimental for your business. It is frustrating not to get any work done because you’re desperately trying to find the newest version of a document or find the latest comments on an important file.

Not having a central file-sharing system can also hurt your company in the long run by making it difficult to share ideas within the company and ensure everything is well safeguarded.

Having a personal server or NAS has the following benefits:

Easier collaboration

Efficient collaboration between employees increases productivity

Data safety

Your clients' and business data will be securely stored and protected

Simple & secure data access

Being able to easily and securely access all your files will streamline your workflows

Reliable data backup

Setting up a dependable data backup gives you peace of mind

Plenty of storage space

Using a NAS or personal server can give you lots of free space to store your files without a high price tag


Techfix is all about providing proactive maintenance for servers and NAS systems.
Since servers are more powerful than regular computers, relying on a break-and-fix system can be rather costly and cause downtime.
But don’t worry – we will care of your servers to minimize downtime and unexpected costs.

You don’t have to wait for us for days or weeks – we understand the urgency of a faulty server and make it a priority.

Do you need more functionality or don’t have a server yet? We can get you set up or migrate you over, give useful advice, and help you in choosing the right devices for your business.

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Server Support and Maintenance Services

Preventative server maintenance

Software patching and updates

Antivirus and security management

Hardware and proactive resource monitoring

Server administration

Configuration management

Server troubleshooting and management

Onsite server troubleshooting services if needed

Server migration, upgrades, implementation, and restoration

Server or NAS user account / authorization management and reviews

Fast onsite break-fix services

Server infrastructure planning and implementation

Server or NAS relocation services


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